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      一、Install construction measures at the customer site

      On-site installation and construction are divided into four stages; one is the installation period, the second is the commissioning period, the third is the trial period, and the fourth is the mass production operation period; we will guarantee the equipment for the implementation of the above four stages At the same time, in order to promote the smooth progress of the project, we are engaged in our own work. We guarantee that what we provide is not the equipment itself. We will also provide a wider range of system services for supporting equipment. Debug, run, and practice the equipment guarantee in the best state of mass production.

      二、Equipment installation period

      1. Before equipment installation: provide equipment assembly drawings, foundation drawings, water intake and drainage requirements, electricity requirements, hydraulic oil requirements, lighting, working platforms (if necessary), etc., and provide a full set of installation within 2 weeks after the final equipment plan is determined Conditions required.

      2. Dispatch engineering designers to coordinate and guide the equipment purchaser on the placement of equipment and foundation construction, so that the placement of equipment is beautiful, and at the same time, it meets the on-site needs of operation and maintenance.

      3. The equipment is being installed: when the equipment demander cooperates with our engineers to install the equipment, it will provide the unloading crane, indoor installation and hoisting company and other supporting installation conditions. Our professional on-site installers will install the equipment scientifically Place and assemble as a whole.

      4. The final installation of the equipment: The final installation of the equipment guarantees the level required by the production of the equipment, which is convenient for the equipment debugging personnel to debug the equipment and ensure that the equipment can enter the debugging state.

      三、Equipment commissioning period

      1. The best commissioning team will conduct a final and comprehensive commissioning of the equipment's mechanical, electrical and hydraulic equipment (it has been commissioned before leaving the factory).

      2. The content of debugging will include all actions and all performance test content.

      四、Test period of equipment

      1. Work before mold test: discuss the mold test plan with the equipment buyer's engineer, carry out mold installation, preparatory work (preparation of rubber and iron parts), and understand the test process (vulcanization temperature of the rubber) , Time, pressure and other related technical parameters).

      2. Work in the trial mode: During the trial mode, professionals will always pay attention to the changes in the working status of the equipment, the pressure, temperature and other technical parameters of the equipment.

      3. Summary of mold test: In the process of mold test, both parties should analyze whether the test process parameters are reasonable according to the results of the test, and discuss and analyze the parameters to facilitate the production of products with the most ideal parameters.

      五、Mass production run period

      The inspection of the project is to check whether the performance of the equipment meets the requirements of the demander based on the operating conditions of a small batch of production. Here we propose to implement small batch production when the mold and process problems are solved, which will affect the overall equipment The working status has an inspection result, and finally the technology is summarized, and the production is carried out with the best process parameters.

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