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      4 points of attention when rubber injection molding machine extruder


      People should not be in front of the mold before the plastic is extruded.

      Precautions for rubber injection molding machine extruder:

      1. People should not be in front of the mold before the plastic is extruded.

      2. start at low speed, idling, check whether the screw is abnormal and the motor current, etc. The instrument is overloaded and the pressure gauge is normal (the idle time of the machine cannot be too long, the shorter the better, to prevent the friction between the screw and the screw and the friction generated by the barrel, scraping the barrel or screw, and the screw running time should not exceed three minutes.)

      3. Gradually add a small amount of material. When the plastic is extruded into the mold, the screw speed can reach normal operating speed before batch feeding.

      4. After extruding the plastic, the extrudate should be slowly introduced into the cooling and traction equipment, and the equipment should be opened in advance.

      The above four points are the precautions for rubber injection molding machine extruder

      Note: Do not open the cold or open the cold car, because the extruder is not "hot" (that is, the plastic in the extruder barrel has not fully reached the specified temperature, and the viscosity of the plastic is very high), and then drive, especially the old-fashioned extrusion The machine may damage the screws. New extruders are usually equipped with torque overload protection. A reliable and most effective method is to turn the connecting part three times by hand when the temperature rises to the required temperature before driving. After smooth rotation, the third circle on the right can be opened. If you can't turn it smoothly, you just can't open it.

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