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      IMD-200-D-gas high pressure forming machineCategory:IMD gas high pressure forming machine

      Introduction:IMD (In-Mold Decoration,or Film Insert Molding) technology uses Decorated (Screen Printed),3-D Formed, and Trimmed film material as the thin shell,then plastic is inserted into th...


      IMD (In-Mold Decoration,or Film Insert Molding) technology uses Decorated (Screen Printed),3-D Formed, and Trimmed film material as the thin shell,then plastic is inserted into the back side of this thin shell by injection molding process to make the decorated components.

      By this special process, it is very easy to make plastic components with complex curve, 3-dimentional shape with registered symbols, multi-colored decorations,as well as the light-transmitting design.IMD process can take over many post-molding operations like heat-transter printing, screen printing,spray painting,laser-etching or electro-plating on the plastic injected components thus to save a lot of production cost.

      It also gives unlimited decoration possibilities with precisely registered graphics on the plastic components.Back-side printing 

      decoration application makes IMD products scratch and chemical resistant to achieve the long lasting finishes.


      Ultra-high pressure film forming technology is a new generation of forming technology, which has the following advantages:

      1. Very low residual stress of the formed film.

      2. Only one pair of forming mold core (lower mold) is needed, and there will be no problem of film surface scratches caused by direct contact of the mold on the film surface.

      3. Excellent pattern sealing and forming accuracy.

      4. Fast production process speed.

      5. It is very easy to replace and calibrate the mold.

      6. Low mold production cost.


      1. Mechanism design: The whole machine adopts aluminum alloy frame and paint shutter, with high-grade appearance and easy cleaning. With the function of entering and exiting the mold, the operation is convenient and labor-saving;

      2. Safety design: equipped with safety electric eye, automatic sound and light alarm function to ensure safety;

      3. Model calibration function: with fast and slow calibration mode selection function, so that the mold calibration is more accurate and safer;

      4. Heating function: preheating of upper and lower molds + IR (infrared) non-contact heating, heating quickly and will not pollute the material;

      5. Temperature control: multi-point PID temperature control, accurate temperature and convenient adjustment;

      6. High-pressure gas circuit: Two-stage pressure control, pressure, flow, and pressure holding time can be adjusted independently;

      7. Oil circuit design: adopts full digital specific pressure ratio flow oil circuit, which is accurate and stable, energy saving and noise reduction; adopts dual-power individual oil circuit design, two shafts can be operated at the same time, and the operation is stable;

      8. Parameter storage: preset 20 sets of model parameter storage space, and can be expanded arbitrarily.

      9. Man-machine interface: Two sets of touch screens are provided to facilitate simultaneous operation of two axes;



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