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      High-precision double oil pump automatic front top 2RT mold opening hydraulic foCategory:High precision automatic plate vulcanizing machine

      Introduction:Suitable for various two-layer or multi-layer molds, it is a new type of multi-functional model;


      Machine features

      · With slow-speed calibration function, the calibration is more accurate and safer;

      · Suitable for various two-layer or multi-layer molds, it is a new and multi-functional model;

      · Adopt dual-power individual oil circuit design, stable, quiet, low failure rate, and two shafts can be operated at the same time;

      · With adjustable slow mold clamping function to adapt to the molding conditions of different module types;

      · Accurate positioning of entering and exiting the mold, 100% positioning safety, to ensure that the mold is not damaged.



      Applicable Products

      Industrial rubber parts, auto parts, medical bottle stoppers, melamine, kitchen supplies, sex products, watch straps, silicone/rubber and other multilayer molded products.


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